International Mother Language Day

21 February is International Mother Language Day, a day to remember, protect and promote the world’s mother languages. The death of a language is the death of a culture, and the death of a way of thinking.

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2 responses to “International Mother Language Day”

  1. Thank you Brian for your note. Most interesting. I first came across Esperanto in the form of a dictionary in my early teens. Fascinated by the call for an international language. The latest I know of is SaypU. I also want to read more about Blissymbolics.


  2. Thankyou for reminding us that Thursday is International Mother Tongue Day.
    You may not know Esperanto is also the mother tongue, or native language, for many thousands of people in the World. Details here.
    Your readers may also be interested in the website
    Thankyou for your support to International Mother Tongue Day.


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