Surface or iPad? That is the question.

I have been tossing about which tablet to buy. For me the question is productivity-based – I want to be able do word processing on the road. Lugging around a PC hasn’t been fun. And often I just give up. But look at my choices I see that Microsoft is coming out with their Surface tablet. The selling point is the Word and Excel intregration, something which will be a winner for the company purchasers.

And then there is the iPad.

Looking at the apps available I discovered that Apple’s Pages word processing software can import and export to Word. So isn’t that all I need. The selling point of the iPad is its UI. Nothing beats the feel of it. Sure, it is built for fun. But it can do the extra task of work, and that is music to my ears.

As someone who is making this purchase individually it is a no brainer.

Having Word is not such a big deal really. Afterall we live in a cut-and-paste world now. So there will be a work around somehow through this battle of market dominance.

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