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KH Coder is a corpus linguistic tool for Japanese texts. Follow this link to learn more about Japanese corpus linguistics.

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  1. Zainab,
    I am not sure what you mean by word-based and category-based method.

    Did you mean searching by types and searching by part of speech (POS)? to locate by types (the more common and simpler method) will mean that you will have to sift through the verbs yourself to find it. This can be done with wildcard searches.

    The POS search will require you to have a program to automate tagging (POS tagging). This is complex. The KH Coder has a postagging program called Chasen included. But it is not so easy to use (problems with settings and file size).

    But as I am not a Japanese language teacher I cannot recall immediately an example of a phrasal verb.

    What I can tell you is that KHcoder will do this for you, but it is more for language analysis than for concordancing. It is also not friendly for non-technical users, like language teachers.

    If you only need a concordancer then ConcApp is all you need. Again, I am not an expert in Japanese language concordancing I cannot tell you how good it is for this purpose. All I know is that it works with Japanese text, and that I have been able to find what I need through simple searches.


  2. Thank you to signature103 & another-try!
    I appreciate it and will try the tutorial. Though i need to admit to you that i never use corpus tools before n actually still trying to acquaint myself with it:-)

    I learnt that there are 2types of corpus methods i.e word-based method and category-based method. So if let say i have some lists of Japanese phrasal verbs, which method is best n more suitable for me to use?

    Thank you very much in advance


  3. Though it is written in Japanese language, a tutorial is included as khcoder_tutorial.pdf. You can also download the tutorial separately from here: . The material of this tutorial is a masterpiece of Natume Soseki, “Kokoro.”


  4. Zainab,
    The KHcoder is rather clumsy to use for a beginner. Tutorials or guidance are definitely needed.

    What I recommend for easy to use concordancing is ConcApp. I have published a posted on the latest information here.

    I may put up some tutorials about using Japanese soon.


  5. it’s sounds good and interesting!

    Now that i wonder how i can benefit from KH Coder if i am given a task to produce/design basic japanese language course as an elective subject to university students


  6. Corpus linguistics is the study of a language through large database of native texts, written or spoken. It includes using frequency and concordancing techniques. Japanese corpus linguistics is just this for the Japanese language.

    The KH Coder is a kind of concordancing and analysis program for Japanese texts.


  7. I would like to know more about what is Japanese Corpus Linguistics all about?


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