“Range check error” in Paul Nation’s Range program

“Range check error”.

This is the message I get everytime I try to run the Range program using basewrd#.txt files I have created myself. The text-files seemed to have been saved properly and the original ones work fine, so there shouldn’t be a problem.

Anyone else has had trouble with this? And does anyone have a solution?

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One response to ““Range check error” in Paul Nation’s Range program”

  1. I’ve been struggling a lot with this recently. There are a lot of things that are becoming hard to get right on up-to-date computers because you seem to need ASCII text everywhere. (and don’t forget to put spaces round those hyphens too)

    I’ve started using NoteTab light on which you can set the SAVE FORMAT to dos and ASCII…And it’s nifty at doing find and replace.

    Good luck!


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