anata – ‘you’ in Japanese

In English, to address the person you are speaking to, you use ‘you’ (I have just used ‘you’ four times in one sentence. lol). It is impossible to call them by name directly to him or her.

But that is English. In Japanese, you must use their name, or else drop the subject (which is permissible) all together.

In fact, to use the personal pronoun ‘you’ in Japanese can be rude, if it is to someone you are not on familiar terms with. anata is often and exclusively used between husband and wife.

So overgeneralising and then transferring a rule from L1 (one’s first language) to a L2 (one’s second language) is where common errors often come from. L2 often has to contend with the L1 in the brain. This is a sign of deep-seated habits and biases. Memory often interferes with learning. Unlearning is a very difficult process.

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6 responses to “anata – ‘you’ in Japanese”

  1. No problem, love the content so keep it up and oh okay, thanks for the advice 👊


  2. Thanks for all the likes.

    In general, Japan is relatively not expensive. Food is the most reasonable. And hotels are competitive. You can find good business or capsule hotels for reasonable prices.

    I recommend coming after 2020, after the Olympics. It would be cheaper.


  3. I love the Japanese culture in general. Looking to go there but Kyoto (where I wanted to go) looks expensive despite its beauty. Do you have any recommendations


  4. That would be fantastic. I would be interested to read it 🙂


  5. Good luck in your adventures into Japanese. I will try to post more about it in the near future.


  6. I am currently learning Japanese, and as it is so different from my native language, it does take conscious thought to form sentences. It is too easy to slip into your native language’s constructions and make assumptions which are not true for Japanese.

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